What is the MOG-Blog?

This is where you can get updates and information on Men of Gray III — Midnight Robber (aka Liberty in the Fires)  as it progresses from concept to release.  We (writer-director Ric Moxley and actor-producer G. Anthony Joseph) also provide some trivia and facts from our first two Men of Gray movies.

Then, What is “MOG III”?

MOG III (Men of Gray, Part 3) began conceptually in November, 2008, as G. and I (that’s producer and actor G. Anthony Joseph and writer-director Ric Moxley) spent several evenings at his home discussing our political beliefs and, separately, what kind of movie we would like to make next.  Over the next two months, these two conversation threads morphed into a single discussion: how to create a commercially viable movie that would also advance (or at least support) our social principles.

From these brainstorming sessions, we formed a basic story concept that got us both pretty jazzed. In March 2009, I drew up a story synopsis that G. felt captured the essence of our moviemaking and political passions. He immediately set about funding efforts for a film with a working title for the movie’s international release as Liberty in the Fires. For Trinidad & Tobago release, it’s Men of Gray III – Midnight Robber.

Of course, that roman numeral three in the title rather begs the question — if this is MOG III, then what is Men of Gray I and II?

If you are from Trinidad & Tobago, you probably already know since both movies were shot entirely in Trinidad & Tobago, where they are still televised frequently and have developed an online following of Trinbago citizens around the globe.  I’ll create MOG blog entries about this new story’s “back story” or history, borne as it is from the two earlier movies.

For non-Trini’s, the short story, as intro’d in the first two Men of Gray movies is this; Joe Cameron is a dedicated and passionate Caribbean police officer, proud to wear his gray-colored police uniform and to uphold the values for which it stands.  Over the past 20 years, Joe has climbed the ranks, continuing to serve and protect the citizens of his beloved homeland at great personal cost, as the first two movies showed.  MOG3 picks up Joe’s story where Men of Gray II — Flight of the Ibis left off; nearly a decade later, the burden of service to his country grows harder daily due to the country’s worsening social ills, including skyrocketing crime, crumbling infrastructure, and government corruption and waste. Liberty in the Fires (Men of Gray III — Midnight Robber) will put Joe’s principles to the test as he struggles to do the right thing in a time and place where the wrong thing usually wins the upper hand.

Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011 Richard Moxley.  All rights reserved.

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  1. […] of Men of Gray III (aka “Liberty in the Fires” and “Midnight Robber”).  See the About page for a quick intro to the blog and to the […]

  2. Charity Rone says:

    I think it sounds facinating!! So tell me Ric, the Mox, how does one obtain a copy of MOG I and II to watch before watching III? Not that your blog of the first two wouldn’t be in depth…. I’m just sayin….
    anyhow, I’m super excited for you!

    • mogblogger says:

      The first Men of Gray, shot in 1990 is tough to find in the States, as the distributor went bust just as they’d started to release it. The movie is out there on the black market. The second movie, Men of Gray II — Flight of the Ibis, got theatrical release internationally, and was release on video (under the title Crack Down) in the U.S. You may be able to find it through an online video rental supplier. And it shows on cable TV occassionally. The good news is that we are planning to package and release a 3-movie DVD once we’ve finished the release of the 3rd one. First things first… 😉

  3. D Salts Man says:

    Wow Man! A real celeb reading meh blag. Ah reach.

    Man, if allyuh know how many times I look at Flite ah de Ibis on cable tv.

    I might do a satire on allyuh called, Flite ah de Cobo, starring Calder Hart, leading lady – Karen Nunez, co-starring Patos Manning. Is ah fickshunal movie about a Canadian who tief out we money, throw up some half arsed buildings in tong, and ress ah sorf one in we backside. Den eleckshun call, an we voat back de same crooks in power because de odder crooks worse.

    Will you produce it man?


  4. MOGBlogger says:

    You crack me up, Salts. Glad to hear you’re a fan, as I am of your blog, http://dsaltsman.blogspot.com/. Top secret info: I use your blog as a primer on the dialect to help me write my script dialogue the way Trini’s really speak English. 🙂

    I confess that I don’t get every joke you post on your blog, because I need to be more tuned in than I am to current trinbagon events. But I’m working on it, as I need to for the sake of the story.

    Ric, the MOGBlogger

  5. Lois Russell says:

    Is this Horace James the Horace who married Irene jarvie of Canada? I would like to know – I stayed with Horace and Irene in London many years ago when he was manager of a steel band and I grew up with Irene. Is there any way of finding out, and how to contact either Irene or their daughter?


    • MOGBlogger says:

      Hi, Lois. I do not recall Horace Jame’s wife’s name. If it was MANY years ago, it could be the same. Horace was into his retirement years when I last saw him, which was about 1994.

  6. judah says:

    Is there still gonna be a part 3 to the men of gray. I have been a fan the first time i saw part 2

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