A crumbling social infrastructure plagues hopes for betterment

August 3, 2009

As the story opens, we see that the economy and much of the country’s infrastructure is in a dangerous and degenerating state. Our story’s hero, Joe Cameron, believes he can pinpoint the cause and the solution to many of his beloved island nation’s social woes. The problem is that, even though he’s risen to a high level in the country’s police force, there’s a limit to how much he can realistically do about these pervasive concerns in his current position. Meanwhile, due to crumbling a economy, his officers are under-staffed and lack the equipment or technology to do their jobs effectively.

So, with these pressing stresses and with Joe’s attempts to do something about them, I created a story thread of sorts (see below) to represent the development of his efforts from the first act setup of this antagonistic situation to the final act’s payoff, which may not be a resolution of the country’s socioeconomic trials, but will at least show the positive effect that Joe’s actions have wrought upon them.

I wish I could say that these are purely hypothetical circumstances.  Unfortunately, the country we anticipate shooting this movie in, Trinidad & Tobago, is having some vexing economic and infrastructural issues along these lines.  Hopefully, the movie can provide some inspiration by presenting some legitimate options for improving the situation.  The thread: