Where Are They Today? Joe’s Son from Men of Gray II

Matthew Kong as “Sean Cameron”

I was recently contacted by a Trinidadian I’d never met—a young woman named Sydney.  It turns out that she is the younger sister of the boy who played Sean Cameron (Joe Cameron’s son), in the 1996 Men of Gray II movie (aka Flight of the Ibis).  Sydney and her mother Cheryl were trying to find a copy of the 1996 movie on DVD, which is apparently very hard to find in Trinidad.

Matthew then and Matthew today

The actor who played young Sean, Matthew Kong, is now fully grown and still living in Trinidad.  Here is Matthew as Sean in 1994 when we shot the movie:

sean_mog2_a sean_mog2_b

And here is Matthew today in a recent snapshot:


I’m not certain what Matthew is doing now, but hopefully he or one of his family members will respond to this and fill us in.

The difficulty in fulfilling the family’s request 

With Men of Gray II being released so long ago, and into the low budget market, the movie was not originally distributed as a DVD at all.  It was theatrically released in several countries (not the U.S.) and available in TV markets and VHS worldwide.  But not DVD. 

Since I was not aware of a place in Trinidad where his family could buy the movie, I pieced together a collection of video snippets from the movie that featured Matthew.  It’s not as handsome a gift as a DVD (which I don’t have either!), but this online 8-minute montage was well-received by the family. 

You can see the Matthew-as-Sean clips here on YouTube.

3 Responses to Where Are They Today? Joe’s Son from Men of Gray II

  1. Kendell says:

    Hi I am an aspiring film writer and novelist, I am in the process of writing a book called A Necessary Evil. I am from Trinidad and grew up there in the era of both the men of gray movies. I am presently using them and other films for my research as my story is about the drug warfare and terrorism in Trinidad. I would really like to get my hand on the DVDs of bot Men of Gray movies, however my search has proven difficult, is there anyone out there who can provide me with information on where I can locate these movies.

    • MOGBlogger says:

      Hi, Kendell. Good luck with your book! Unfortunately, neither Men of Gray movie is easy to get right now. We are planning to regain the rights and package the two earlier films with the Men of Gray III DVD when it comes out. For now, I’m not sure where to direct you. Stay tuned….

    • MOGBlogger says:

      Hi, Kendall. it took a long time, but Both Men of Gray 1 and Men of Gray 2 now available for streaming or download at https://gumroad.com/mog2, but likely only this month.

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