Midpoint Moment in the Bag

Exciting day at the keyboard: Today, I hammered out the rapid series of events that culminate in (and include) the critical Midpoint moment of Act II.

Probably half of all that has happened in the second act so far is effectively the necessary lead-up events (character and story development activities) to bring about this explosive moment, in which all Joe’s efforts to crush the criminal element’s stranglehold and disrupt the activities of the corrupt politico suddenly come crashing down, destroyed by his brother’s plot. And the way it happens turns this moment into an international event. 

If I achieve the right effect, this event will appear to the audience as the complete annihilation of Joe’s efforts.  Time will tell if I’ve succeeded…

2 Responses to Midpoint Moment in the Bag

  1. Keith says:

    At the risk of being accused of wordsmithing:

    Shouldn’t “affect” be “effect” in the above.

    Keith Warn

    • MOGBlogger says:

      good catch, Keith! I suspect the error was the product of my voice recognition software (i.e., you talk, it types). It sometimes makes mistakes that I don’t catch. Happy New Year! :8^)

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