Step Outline Solid up to Midpoint of Act II

Writing again, after over a week away from the story. It’s good to be back at it!

Today’s goal was to solidify the step outline up until the critical Midpoint moment of the second act, which is where the tide of fortune will suddenly and dramatically turn against Joe. It felt rewarding to reach "up to" that moment… though not as rewarding as it would have been if I had also written that actual moment. Hopefully, I can achieve that in the next couple of days.

2 Responses to Step Outline Solid up to Midpoint of Act II

  1. greg says:

    Hey, have him fall into a coma…and then have his twin brother take over…and then bring him back just in time to….

  2. MOGBlogger says:

    A novel idea, Greg. LOL. If only i had written in a twin brother. 😉 But you’re not that far off, since the primary antagonist is his older brother, and it is indeed his brother’s actions that engender Joe’s downfall at this point in the story. What happens after this moment is what makes the story unique, taking it far beyond the action-drama genre of its predecessors (Men of Gray I & II).

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