Calling Out to Trinbagonians with Local Geo-Eco-Knowledge

For an element of the MOG3 movie script, I plan to create a story thread that would have a foreign scientific team in the country studying the negative impact upon nature of some human activity. While the scientific expedition itself could be entirely fictional, I want to use examples of actual natural occurrences from Trinidad and Tobago: legitimate natural events or evidence that is assumed to be result of human activity.

Do any real-world examples come to mind?

Any natural evidence worth observing might work for the story. If you can provide me with examples from the country, I’d be most grateful.

Things that might work:

  • Something climate related
  • Changes in the soil
  • Erosion
  • Deforestation
  • Animal habitats that have been compromised, endangering species of mammals, insects, reptiles, fowl, etc.
  • Increased flooding
  • Air quality degeneration

You get the idea, right?

Whatever examples you provide should be current or very recent. And they should be observable (it’s a movie script, after all).

Please use the blog comment field to let me know if you have some real-world examples I could use to justify the presence of an international scientific trip to the country in the story.  If you haven’t any examples to offer, perhaps you know someone who does? If so, please forward them the link to this blog entry so that they may respond.

Many thanks!  🙂

3 Responses to Calling Out to Trinbagonians with Local Geo-Eco-Knowledge

  1. Anna from Woodbrook says:

    I heard about an upcoming conservation biology and community-based education trip to Trinidad from Miami University in Ohio to investigate the reintroduction site for the endangered blue-and-gold macaws and to investigate the local ecosystem. I don’t know if the macaw’s endangered species status is considered the result of humans or not though. Would this work for your story?

  2. MOGBlogger says:

    Great example. Thanks, Anna. 🙂

  3. Cedric says:

    You could do something about the affect of rising sea level in Trinidad. You can read about it here:

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