MOG3 Chicken Came BEFORE This Egg

September 17, 2009

Frankly, the politics of Trinidad & Tobago doesn’t get much coverage in the LA Times. So imagine my surprise when this little article from page eleventy-something in last Sunday’s LA Times caught my eye.

First, it surprised me because the US press in generalimage, and the West Coast of it in particular, doesn’t give Caribbean politics much play. Second, the Abu Bakr coup attempt at the heart of this story took place 19 years ago … but coincidentally was a topic in this MoG-blog post just a few days ago.

Third – the real kicker – this allegation against the prime minister is remarkably similar to one of the planned MOG3 story subplots!

Is that a bad thing?

No … and yes.

It’s a good thing in that this real-world story validates the potential reality of scenarios and characters we’ll be presenting in the Men of Gray III story – which includes fictional political elites who are “on the take” – supporting criminal operatives.

But this news out of Trinidad & Tobago closely resembles some of the fabricated drama that G. and I concocted for MOG3 back in December of 2008. So closely that, when this movie finally is made and released, it will look to many as though we got certain storyline ideas from the real-world drama that will be the unfolding  over the next few weeks or months: this investigation into Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s possible involvement with Yasin Abu Bakr.

So, for the record…

We crafted the storyline for Men of Gray III – The Midnight Robber long before the Patrick Manning allegations surfaced, and any similarities to his story are purely coincidental. Albeit mighty remarkable. 

Pivotal Scene Fully Structured

September 17, 2009

I finally hit a breakthrough today on how to plant Joe’s seeds of doubt in the team member who is ultimately revealed as a Judas. I think it will work well. 

The trick to making this first act moment work is that Joe needs to figure out that this purportedly loyal team member cannot be trusted but before we do, so that his intuition and skill revealed to us the truth later in the story in such a way that we are surprised by the revelation but not incredulous; so that we see that the clues were there all along (so that we can buy in to the resolution) but not easily pieced together without the extraordinary sleuthing skills of a man like Joe.

And, by Jove, I think I’ve got it.

I’d love to give more details right now, but (A.) It would be a plot spoiler and (B.) I’m beat. As in “tired,” not as in beaten. Between wrestling this dramaturgical construct into submission and packing up the house for my impending move (on the 30th), I am done, adjourning this day and retiring to the companionship of my feather pillow.