Sunday shout-out

While I am taking a bit of Sunday downtime from the movie project, I wanted to honor some of those who are following this blog regularly with a personal greeting.

To Mark at Lyndersay Digital — a seasoned Trinbagon photographer and journalist. Mind you, I also know Mark as a reluctant actor. Mark provided excellent production photography on Men of Gray II, Flight of the Ibis. And, as frequently happens on a low budget production, one often wears many hats; we convinced Mark to “go against type” and play the slovenly, apathetic officer who makes a couple of brief but memorable appearances in the movie — including taking a gut-punch by Joe Cameron (G. Anthony Joseph). You can follow his blog right here.

To Nancy in Glendale: I appreciate your visual sensibilities, and look forward to meeting you in person this week. Anybody need quality brand design or print or web graphics?  See Nancy’s work at Harasz Design.

To Lisa from Columbus, Ohio: What a joy to catch up on old times with you yesterday, and to meet your family. Best of luck to Matt in his ambitious and inspiring career efforts, and safe travels to you and David as you fly back home.

To Schy at Clapping Trees Media in Seattle, my favorite video editor: It was great visiting with you this past week while you were in town.

To David at Technology As Promised in Lincoln, Nebraska: thanks for “tapping in” to my blog from TAPUniversity, where project management professionals get their wings.

To Sheila in Kansas City: Best of luck to you in the launch of your post-graduate career efforts.

To Mitch in Topeka: Thanks for your encouragement. If you ever decide to quit representing the best of IT management in the country’s heartland via UmmelGroup, I’m convinced you’ve got a future in comedy writing.

Charity Rone in Bolivar, MO: It’s inpiring to hear that you’re following your passion. I love that.

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