A Toast to the End of Deconstruction

August 10, 2009

I feel it’s time to celebrate; not because I just added “The People” as a story thread, shown here… Citizens-Thread-Added

…but because it is the last and final story thread I intend to develop and break down on the corkboard with this deconstruction process.

What comes next really gets my blood pumping (in a good way) and my brain synapticating (of course it’s a real word) — the launch of the story construction stage. This is where the story structuring board process earns its merit badge. Up to now, the board has helped me to analyze the story by deconstruction — representing (as a series of individual index cards) any story thread important enough to the fabric of the tale to be identified and broken down into its component parts.

But now, it’s time to build.

Using what I’ve discovered from the deconstruction process, the board will now help me define the scenes and shape their content as I sort and sift, regrouping the cards on the board and assigning them to key events or moments on the timeline of the story.

More on this later.  But now, it’s time to toast.  🙂