No story structuring board? No worries, mate.

August 5, 2009

While the massive 4-by-8 corkboard has made it easy for me to deconstruct and plan out the story (see how to make your own here), don’t fret if you haven’t one and haven’t the means to make or buy one for your own story development.  Because:

  • This deconstruction process I use may not be “your thing.” It helps me tremendously, but my brain and your brain may not work the same.
  • Even without the wall space or a big corkboard to mount on it, an open area of flooring works just fine, as you can see here:

floor version

In fact, depending on the room size, this could be a better solution for you than a corkboard.  I’m house-sitting this week for a friend, so I needed to move my story structuring cards to the new location so i could keep working on it. With his one open-spaced room, this is no problem.

The disadvantages of doing this on the floor: your cards could be more easily disturbed by wind, pets, kids, or other family members.  But it’s a fine next-best solution.