Positing a Political Riptide

August 1, 2009

Politics and politicians are a bold thread in the fabric of this story, influencing the culture, the opinions of the public, and occasionally directly thwarting our protagonist’s good intentions.  This thread is now up on the story structuring board: Adding the politic story threadWith the exception of a few key political instigators, such as Joe Cameron’s older brother, the way I plan to treat the politics (elections, governmental structure) for the majority of the story is as a backdrop, rather than an overt storyline. I expect it to be more of a pervasive presence throughout, and often the implied root cause of many of the country’s socioeconomic woes.  It will act as a symbol … like a riptide or undertow: a dangerous, often subliminal undercurrent that influences the masses.

Further in the dramaturgical foreground is the human element – the elected officials who collectively act as an antagonistic force, frustrating Joe Cameron’s efforts. The politicians’ rhetoric and actions often appear benign or even helpful to the public, yet, like a riptide, is actually dragging the citizens away from solid ground, and into a disastrous future.

To the fore of the storyline are “The Instigators.” These are the key political antagonists, whom we will know by name. They are lead by Joe’s elder brother, the story’s primary antagonist.

One fun twist – I’m not yet sure how bold or subtle an element this will be – is “The Exceptions” – those government officials who want to serve with integrity, but are greatly outnumbered and generally too frightened to speak out against their less honorable equals.  However, far into the second act, their importance to the plotline leaps out when they are galvanized by Joe’s unexpected influence in a surprising story twist . . . not to be revealed yet.  😉