Story thread: American Students

The blue cards you see below represent the means by which I’m planning to move the plot and main character development forward using the presence of six American college students who are visiting the country on their spring break. US College Student story thread added

These characters introduce several opportunities for dramatic escalation  that I can’t go into too much detail about without potentially spoiling the plot for the viewer. But I can say that the addition of the students provide an opportunity for romantic interest between one of the students and Sean Cameron, Joe Cameron’s son.

It also introduces the possibility of some divisive father/son conflicts, if Joe perceives the developing relationship between Sean and the American student as interfering with Sean’s duties as an officer.

Plus, given the realities of increased risks of criminal victimization of foreign vacationers in a tropical island nation whose judicial system is in trouble, the planned storyline can certainly benefit from such ready-made innocent victims, especially when one of the girls’ local boyfriends is a rookie police officer.

I have a few other devious plans for these US college students and how they intersect with the primary plot line that I’m not at liberty to share at this point: Definite plot spoilers, if I do.

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  1. […] you’ll see from how I organized the corkboard earlier is that, during story deconstruction (see example here), when the primary goal was to identify story threads and plot out their primary beats, the cards […]

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