Briefly, what is the story?

We are still early in very fluid stages of story and production development, so the story line is subject to change. With that caveat in place, Liberty in the Fires (aka Men of Gray III and The Midnight Robber) is a political action drama, set in the Caribbean. 

The Story: For decades, Chief of Police Joe Cameron has stayed the course, fighting the good fight to protect the citizens of his beloved nation in the midst of a continually deteriorating social infrastructure, strained by the increasing burden of an ineffectual government and a crumbling judicial system. When skyrocketing terrorism and violence delivers danger directly into the lives of Joe’s loved ones, he abandons both principle and policy to restore justice and hope, enacting legally questionable but wildly successful anti-crime strategies. His crackdown is derailed by self-serving politicians who remove Joe from power and attempt to put him on trial. An outraged public rallies to his side, persuading him to run for the country’s highest office, which pits him against powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy him.

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